It’s time to go outdoors once again. While the weather is clearing up, to make it before summer, you should start building that outdoor fireplace now. It’s really easy to do if you have the right materials.

As always, use your own imagination and come up with a grand design. Then, note the materials you’ll need to build your outdoor fireplace. For this design, I am going to construct something I’ve never written about before.

I have written DIY projects about brick outdoor fireplaces and I’ve written others about stone outdoor fireplaces. Those are great designs and you might want to look into them. But, I’d like to outline a totally different design so that you can see the variety in what you have available.

You will need:






There are so many different styles of tile from which to choose. It really is up to you at this point. But, I would look around my yard or take a good look at my house before I chose the tile. I would want it to match the theme.

This fireplace will have the appearance of a table, only fire will come out of the surface when lit. When choosing your tile, keep that in mind. Don’t get tile that melts or warps, but that can resist the heat. The fire won’t be directly on the tile. But, it can get hot enough to melt non heat-resistant materials.

Build a frame 6′ long and 3’high using 2X4s. If you’re like me, get them cut to length at the local hardware store. You will need 4-6′ lengths and at least 10-3′ lengths. Begin by building a rectangle with the 4-6′ lengths and 8-3′ lengths. Then, use 1-3′ length in the middle on the sides.

You will need to build a shelf for your gel fuel cans. The cans are about 6″ high, so you’ll want your shelf to be at least 6″ to 8″ from the top surface. In my design, I’ll secure a piece of plywood 8″ down from the surface. Then, I’ll put plywood on all my sides.

Secure tile to the four sides. Then, start securing tile to the top surface. Drill a hole 6″ in diameter. That will give you enough space to drop a can into and retrieve it with minimal hassle.

However, this is your fireplace. You might want to create small holes for the fire on the surface and build cabinets that slide in and out for the gel fuel cans. You can also add hinges to the tiles on the top surface so that you can easily pull them up and insert the gel fuel cans that way. It’s up to you what you want to do. Your mind is your only limit.


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