Adding a new addition to a home for luxury or functionality is a fairly distinct question in that so many factors can be involved. Do you want something to add convenience? How about an addition that will add to the home’s energy independence? Do you intend to make up for what you spent on the addition when you sell your home? A fireplace, whether gas fireplace or log burning classic fireplace model, will achieve all of these ends for a comprehensive home addition that you can be proud of.

A fireplace is a great luxury for a homeowner. Whether you’re adding to the aesthetic sensibility of your living room or looking to add an investment that will shrink energy bills and accrue value for your home, a modern fireplace design is going to be a highly beneficial purchase. The following is a rundown of a few of the best reasons for installing a modern fireplace or gas fireplace in your home, and a few tips for taking care of the investment.


Does the deep winter conjure imagines of families gathering together to spend time around a heating vent? How about a propane heater? There is a particular novelty and comfort that comes from a clean burning log and strong, stone mantle. Fireplaces are a luxury addition that are fitting for setting a mood and providing a relaxing, low key entertainment for anyone in a family. Make sure that the fireplace is consistently cleaned and patched up to ensure that the fire is always burning clean, safe, and odor free.


As such that the fireplace is a luxury addition, the presence of one can add immediate value to your home. The home selling market is currently in a buyer’s market position; homeowners that are seeking to sell must find something to distinguish their home and get a buyers attention.

Conventional wisdom for adding an addition that will pay itself off through home value is to focus on a few higher return areas, including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and luxury renovations (such as a pool or fireplace). In terms of a fireplace, the increased value and speed at which your home could potentially sell will more than pay for a fireplace’s initial cost.

Energy Savings

Adding a fireplace to your home is very helpful in terms of making sure that your home stays heated for minimal dollar investment. However, this is only true if you go out of your way a little to make sure it stays efficient. If a fire is lit in one room, it could draw heat from the rest of the house; unless the homeowner takes care to prevent it.

A savvy homeowner will understand the importance of maintaining thermal envelope in limiting a home’s energy consumption. Thermal envelope holds heat within and enables easy manipulation of temperature by limiting the ways that heat can transfer out of the envelope’s space. A managed thermal envelope around an entire home will keep bills down and energy low. However, for a room with a fireplace the envelope should stretch as far as the room itself. Keep the central room a fireplace is in blocked off from the rest of the house with a sturdy, thick door and shore up any cracks in the walls and paneling. The fireplace will use less energy to heat the room (remember to turn a gas fireplace off after the log is lit), and the home as a whole will be unaffected.


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Copyright © 2022 Glowing Embers. All rights reserved.
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