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Ultra-Premium Chimney Sweeps

Since our establishment in 1989, we at The Chimney Man have prided ourselves in offering a full range of professional chimney services. We believe in providing the highest possible quality of customer service, and the absolute best in quality workmanship.

Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

Fireplaces and Chimneys are statistically one of the most over-looked components of home maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, this leads to nearly 23,000 house fires per year that are directly related to preventable chimney disrepair.

Spring is the best time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. We thoroughly video scan each chimney including all potential problem areas. We use this information to give you a clear and comprehensive explanation of your chimney’s current condition, and explain what’s necessary to give it a clean bill of health. 

Our chimney sweeping process is both thorough and effective. We are equipped to remove any degree of creosote buildup. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that any chimney that is venting a heating appliance should be cleaned once per heating season. Call us now to get your home prepared and safe and warm for next year’s heating season.

If your chimney has a stainless steel liner, keep in mind that the chimney must be cleaned once per year to maintain the liner warranty. We offer reduced rates to clean stainless steel lined chimneys, so protect your investment by scheduling your cleaning with us today.

We Fix Leaky Chimneys

If you have water stains or other evidence of moisture inside or outside your home, near your fireplace or chimney, we can fix the problem. We can identify where the water is coming from, and treat that specific component, totally halting water damage. You need this service if you have ever had:

  • Water dripping into your fireplace
  • A bad smell coming from your fireplace
  • Water stains on the ceiling near your fireplace or chimney
  • Moisture surrounding your chimney in the attic
  • Crumbling masonry on the exterior of your chimney

We can install a cap, apply a sealant, repair flashing, repair sheathing, or do whatever else is required to prevent damaging moisture from harming your chimney or the rest of your home. Call today to schedule an appointment and get your FREE 31-Point Leak Inspection Report.         Let the leak experts at the Chimney Man fix your leaky chimney for good! 

Chimney Relining 

In many cases, masonry chimneys are not designed to handle the venting requirements of modern high-efficiency heating appliances. If you are burning liquid propane, natural gas, oil, wood, pellet fuel, or coal, an improperly lined chimney can cause a number of costly structural and cosmetic problems. Inevitably, serious safety hazards will also eventually occur. Relining an existing chimney is the most practical and affordable way to repair a deteriorated or damaged chimney, while bring further damage to a halt. If your chimney does not have a liner, or the liner it has is cracked or deteriorated, it will need to be replaced. The new liner must be properly sized to your heating appliance, and must be made of the right material to ensure a long and safe life-time. The liners we install come with a life-time guarantee, and are manufactured locally in Scranton, PA.

Chimney Repair

Exposure to the harshest of NEPA weather conditions combined with the corrosive flue gases and moisture from your heating appliance will inevitably take a toll on your chimney. Chimneys generally deteriorate from the inside out, and from the top down. A common culprit is the acidic moisture exhaust of modern day appliances. As the flue gases rise through the chimney they cool, especially in cases where the chimney is outside of the home. These flue gases condense and the inside of the chimney becomes saturated with acidic moisture.

Traditional clay flue-tiles are porous and they soak in this acidic moisture, causing them to deteriorate very quickly. Once this moisture reaches the masonry structure, that too breaks down. This means when the outside of a chimney is showing signs of deterioration, usually the inside is much worse. The Chimney Man specializes in fixing this problem permanently. When deterioration has reached this point, we recommend repairing the masonry structure in addition to installing a stainless steel liner. Deterioration is halted from all sources and your chimney will now last a long time. 

We do all kinds of masonry repairs including block, brick, stone, and cultured stone. Being attacked from both the inside and outside makes chimneys a unique area of masonry. We are qualified and educated to address this unique application of masonry, so our repairs last.

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